Homeopathy – Medicine of the new millennium!

In the era of western civilization, we are slowly deteriorating in our health status. Despite of best medicinal treatment available now days, the prevalence of deep chronic diseases is increasing all over the world. In our childhood we rarely used to hear that someone in our relatives is suffering from cancer, but is this the scenario today? Why the diseases like Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Cancers, Asthma, Autoimmune diseases are increasing more and more in our society?
Some people will attribute change in lifestyle, non-nutritious food and environmental pollution to be the cause of all this misery and of course I also agree on that. But is it the sole cause of all diseases. People in very poor countries are highly malnourished, they hardly get proper food yet the statistics of these diseases are comparatively low (according to WHO statistics). I think the main reason behind all this is that we all are going away from nature. The therapy you are taking should be to strengthen your immune responses, not to suppress it. Let’s try to understand it with examples. We boil water to sterilize it, and boil milk to avoid it from getting spoiled. Heat kills bacteria, and your body knows that very well so produces heat and what we do? We immediately take anti-pyretic medicines to suppress fever - your body’s defense response. Your respiratory tract tries to expel mucous secretions outside through cough reflex and we take suppressants to stop the cough!
Nevertheless even people are also realizing that something wrong is going on with their health and that’s the reason for rise of alternative therapies on mass scale. Homeopathy is now second most preferred line of treatment in world! Despite of all the controversies and allegations by people of materialistic minds, Homeopathy is growing by leaps and bounds as most favorite line of treatment. When it comes to chronic diseases, traditional medicine has a lot of short comings and merely serves as a palliative line of treatment, whereas Homeopathy is proving itself to be highly beneficial in chronic diseases. That’s the main reason why Homeopathy is in a real sense medicine of the new millennium!
Homeopathy has a lot to offer to you as it is the most scientific, natural therapy which never goes against nature. Its holistic approach treats patient as a whole, not by parts or systems. If you go to a homeopath, he firstly notes down all your complaints and takes a detailed history to probe in to the innermost of your organism to find the correct medicine which fits your personality. With proper homeopathic treatment, all the negative traits of people slowly go away if they are pathological (don’t misunderstand that that homeopathy can change your nature, because we can’t change personality traits with any therapy, only pathological traits will go away)

Benefits of Homeopathic Treatment

  • No side effects, No drug addictions, natural safe medicines.,/li>
  • Deep acting medicines which help to remove your tendency to diseases.
  • Treatment available to uproot so called incurable chronic diseases.
  • Gentle healing, no painful treatments.
  • Easy, simple to administer, sweet medicines, less expensive.
  • Most surgeries can be avoided with homeopathy.
  • Helps to strengthen your defense mechanisms.
  • Once a disease is cured by homeopathy, chances of recurrence are very less.
  • It is only therapeutic method that considers person as a whole. Your personality type, Physicals and disease symptoms are collectively used to select your remedy, which helps to strengthen your immune power.