Homeopathy is most scientific and logical line of treatment. It is based on eternal laws of nature and believes on strengthening your own defense mechanisms for the purpose of healing and healthy life. Currently it is second most preferred therapy in the world and its popularity is increasing day by day despite of all the hurdles.

Homeopathy was discovered around 250 years ago by German physician Dr Samuel Hahnemann. It is therapeutic system of medicine which is based on the law of similar (i.e. similia similibus curentur). That means like cures likes. In homeopathy medicine is selected on the basis of symptom similarity i.e. symptoms of patient are matched with symptoms of medicine (appeared during proving on healthy human beings). The medicine which matches with symptoms of the patient is selected for the treatment of the patient and these medicines are prescribed in highly diluted form.

It’s also called as Holistic system of medicine because in homeopathy we consider human as a whole and prescribe on the basis of personality traits rather than prescribing on pathology.
Holistic approach: Homeopathy treats the person in the disease not the disease in the person. For example, a patient is suffering from gangrene, in all the other therapies the treatment will be directed solely towards the gangrene without considering other aspects of the organism. In homeopathy the organism is considered as a whole. His mental state along with other physical problems is also considered during remedial selection. As in homeopathic treatment the organism is considered as a whole, it is called Holistic treatment. This can be explained with several examples. Many people fall ill due to stress of examination or after death of a close relative or friend. We find many people who were perfectly healthy till financial loss and after it their health started deteriorating. Aren’t these mental emotional shocks equally important for you diseases? So in order to cure effectively, you need to consider the organism as a whole.