Homeopathic medicines are deep acting but extremely sensitive medicinal substances. Most of medicines are dispensed on medicated round shaped tablets (we call it as globules). Please read carefully following instructions before starting medication. Feel free to contact us to know how to consume medicines you received.

1)    Homeopathic medicines work via the faculty of sentient nerves below your tongue. Your hands may contain dirt or oil or other cosmetic products. Handling medicines with bare hands can hinder their absorption. That’s why YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO TOUCH MEDICINES WITH BARE HANDS.

2)    Place the medicine below or above tongue. Medicines are supposed to be kept above or below tongue and let it remain there for few minutes. YOU SHOULD NOT CHEW OR SWALLOW MEDICINE DIRECTLY. Swallowing directly won’t let medicine act on the nerves below your tongue.
3)    Do not eat or drink anything at least 15 minutes before and after consumption of our medicines.
We recommend consuming medicines preferably at least 15 minutes before eating anything. If at all you forget, you can consume at least 15 minutes after eating or drinking anything, but don’t forget to wash and rinse mouth properly before consuming medicines.

4)    You may experience altered taste of medicines over period of time. It’s absolutely normal. If medicine is freshly prepared, alcohol present on globules will have its taste, after some days alcohol evaporates and globules now will taste sweet. In both cases efficacy is same so weather your medicine has odor or smell of alcohol won’t matter as long as efficacy is concerned.

5)    Kindly avoid consuming coffee and use of camphor containing external applications. We have medicines prepared from both these substances and have found that these two medicines are antidote to most of our medicines. So use of either may antidote action of your medicines.
6)    If you are already on other Allopathic or Ayurvedic medicines, please don’t stop them without our suggestion. As you start responding to our medicines, we will suggest reducing doses of them. Homeopathic medicines don’t interact with those medications. Keep a gap of 15-20 minutes between consumption of either.

7)    We don’t have much dietary restrictions in Homeopathy except coffee. But if you are allergic to some substance or certain food is contra-indicated in your disease, avoid it till we see a good response to homeopathic medicines.

8)    In some patients we prescribe LM potencies (Liquid Potencies). Method of consumption of LM potencies is totally different. You can find the details by clicking “here
Feel free to call/mail us if you have further queries.

Wishing you all a happy healing!!!