Select treatment plan for your disease. You may contact our doctors to help you in selecting appropriate treatment plan according to your disease.

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♦ The charges are inclusive of consultation fees, video consultation with Dr Amol Ravande, unlimited follow up, medicine charges and courier charges.

♦ While transferring the amount, please make sure that exactly the amount stated above (according to your selected plan) gets deposited in the bank.

♦ All the transfer charges should be beard by the payee.

♦ We’ll send you a receipt of your payment by courier along with your first batch of medicines.

♦ For patients residing abroad, we send medicine of 4 months in a batch.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE PLANS ARE TIME PERIOD BASED. IT’S SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF PATIENT TO CONSUME MEDICINES REGULARLY AND INFORM US EARLY FOR TIMELY DELIVERY OF MEDICINES. If a patient fails to consume medicines regularly or forgets to ask for medicines due to any personal reasons, he/she will be provided medicines up to subscription period only.